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SportsAid athletes dominate junior and youth national track cycling championships

News   •   Aug 09, 2014 10:26 BST

SportsAid athletes have dominated the British Cycling Junior and Youth National Track Championships in Manchester this week.

The results are as follows.

Sophie Capewell (from Lichfield, SportsAid Award 2013, Jaguar Academy of Sport; see photo) won the women’s U16 500m time trial ahead of Eleanor Dickinson (from Carlisle, SportsAid Awards 2013 and 2014) and Lauren Bate-Lowe (from St Helens, SportsAid Award 2014, SSE).

In the sprint it was Sophie Capewell who finished first again, this time with Lauren Bate-Lowe in second place and Rebecca Raybould (from Weymouth, SportsAid Award 2014) in third. 

Charlotte Broughton (from Leicester, SportsAid Awards 2013 and 2014, Harrison Murray) broke the national record twice on her way to victory in the pursuit, finishing ahead of third-placed Eleanor Dickinson to win the gold medal.

Eleanor Dickinson was back on the podium after the scratch race - winning that ahead of Rebecca Raybould (from Weymouth, SportsAid Award 2014) in third - and again after the points race, in which she finished second behind Henrietta Colborne (from Penrith, SportsAid Award 2014).

In the men's U16 events the 500m time trial saw Jack Plumley (from Hertford, SportsAid Award 2014 from RBC Wealth Management) finishing in second place ahead of Frank Longstaff (from Colchester, SportsAid Award 2014) who was back on the podium in second place after the sprint alongside gold medallist William Turnbull (from Morpeth, SportsAid Award 2014).

Fred Wright (from London, SportsAid Award 2014 from the Elton John Sports Fund) won the pursuit  with Rhys Britton (from Pontypridd, SportsAid Award 2014 from SSE), finishing in third place.

The scratch race had a similar outcome with Fred Wright finishing first ahead of Rhys Britton in second and Reece Wood (from Wakefield, SportsAid Award 2014 from Eversheds) in third.

Reece Wood and Fred Wright were up against each other again in the points race, finishing second and third respectively behind the overall winner Matthew Walls (from Oldham, SportsAid Award 2014).

In the women's junior events, meanwhile, Ellie Coster (from Newport, SportsAid Award 2012 from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes) won the time trial ahead of Grace Garner (from Leicester, SportsAid Award 2012 and 2013 from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes) and U16 rider Sophie Capewell.

Sophie Capewell then beat fellow U16 rider Lauren Bate-Lowe into third place in the sprint with Ellie Coster finishing second.

Another victory for Sophie Capewell came in the keirin who was again ahead of Lauren Bate-Lowe in third place while Hannah Blount (from Derby, SportsAid Award 2012 from Asda) finished second.

Both the scratch and points races went to Grace Garner who beat Ellie Coster and Lucy Shaw (from Solihull, SportsAid Award 2013 from Arup) in the former and Emily Nelson (from Lichfield, SportsAid Award 2012 from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes) and Bethany Hayward (from Welwyn, SportsAid Award 2012 from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes) in the latter.

Grace Garner also won the pursuit, in which Melissa Lowther (from Wakefield, SportsAid Award 2012 from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes) won the bronze medal after finishing third.

Finally in the junior men's category Joe Holt (from Llanelli, SportsAid Award 2013 from Jaguar Academy of Sport) won the 1000m time trial ahead of Matthew Gibson (from Chester Le Street, SportsAid Award 2014) and Joe Truman (from Petersfield, SportsAid Award 2013 from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes).

Joe Truman bounced back in the keirin to push Thomas Rotherham (from Bolton, SportsAid Awards 2012 and 2013 from Who Wants to be a Millionaire) into third place. He also won the sprint ahead of Jack Payne (from Warrington, SportsAid Award 2013 from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes) and Jack Carlin (from Paisley, SportsAid Award 2014 from SSE).

The pursuit went to Matthew Gibson ahead of Joe Holt who also finished second in the scratch race behind Gabriel Cullaigh (from Holmfirth, SportsAid Award 2013), with Joel Partington (from Stockport, SportsAid Awards 2012, Lloyds Bank Local Heroes, and 2013, Robert Clutterbuck Trust) finishing third.

The points race was won by Tristan Robbins (from Bristol, SportsAid Awards 2012, from Lloyds Bank Local Heroes, and 2013, from Springboard) ahead of Matthew Gibson and Joe Evans (from Uttoxter, SportsAid Award 2012 from Fedex).


First published 08/08/14, updated on 11/08/14 to include/correct the following omissions/errors:

  • Women's U16 time trial results
  • Women's U18 pursuit results
  • Men's U16 time trial results
  • Men's U16 sprint results
  • Men's U18 sprint results

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