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SportsAid's Danny Crates talks about his final preparations training for this year's London Marathon

Blog post   •   Apr 09, 2014 09:52 BST

Well after my poorly run half marathon experience things started to improve for me.  I quickly got back into running, and by the following Monday was ready to tackle another long run. Being an experienced runner I thought I should go prepared. I got my water bottle belt ready and then went to grab some gels, only to find they where all out of date. At that point I then decided I couldn't be bothered to carry a drink so walked out the door without either fuel or hydration for the run. Great preparation hey! 

So off I set on a nice sunny Monday morning. Out onto the sea wall and then straight into the back and beyond.  It was beautiful with fields on one side and the sea on the other. At nine miles I decided to turn back. All was going well, but as I approached about 12 miles I was starting to wish I had carried some fluids.  As I hit 15miles I was really starting to struggle. Luckily the pub was open so I stumbled in and got a pint of water. Feeling refreshed I now had a decision to make.  Do I A, take the short way home, about a mile along the river, or B, attempt the other side of the wall which would be about four miles home. Yep you guessed it B. So off I set again. Unfortunately just as I approached the 17 mile mark the fuel ran out and I had a nice long walk home.  All said and done I was still pleased with the run, especially knowing that I had my pre run preparation been better that day, I could have hit my 18 mile target.

Next stop, St Lucia. I had a week stay at the Bodyholiday resort, coaching on the beach with Jamie Baulch. During this time I managed to get a couple of runs in while there. I got lost on the first one, so ended up doing some serious hill running, on what was meant to be a flat run but my second run was much better, about 4 ½ miles at a fast pace.

So here we are with only four days to go.  We can do no more.  The only thing we can do in these last six days is reduce our chances of completing the Marathon. 

My preparation was not perfect.  But now it is about rest.  Only gentle runs.  Keep the body ticking over, not tired.  And get my prerace preparation list drawn up for race day. 

So last few words from me to fellow marathon runners - well done. You have made it this far, many have not. Rest up, eat well and most importantly, enjoy the experience.  And I will see you at the SportsAid post race reception for a well-earned drink and foot rub. 

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