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Charlotte Cobb takes on the marathon to give back to SportsAid

Blog post   •   Jan 29, 2015 10:21 GMT

After receiving my confirmation email regarding the marathon from SportsAid I was so excited! 

SportsAid sponsored me for three years whilst I was rowing, enabling me to achieve GB standard – something I was always so set on achieving when I was younger. SportsAid not only gave me funding but also allowed me to get in contact with professionals which then made my dreams become even greater, I was determined to win everything I entered with the support of my crew and also my coach, Ryan Demaine. For me, having a coach with such an incredible history within the sport was inspiring, thus I needed an extended support base to be able to achieve what I wanted.

Having rowed for seven years, the whole of my secondary school, I always had to balance work, rowing, and play; something which is not necessarily as easy as it may sound with a minimum of 16 hours training a week. However, it taught me fundamental life and organisational lessons and then when starting at University I missed having sport in my life. This was when I decided it was time to do a marathon, another dream I had had from a very young age. 

The marathon, for me, goes beyond the physical demand but challenges my mental capabilities. 26 miles is not an easy feat, and to that end I have set myself an aim to achieve a certain time. In order to not let myself down I have created a programme, with the support of SportsAid and other sources, which I am rigorously following. I plan on raising as much money for SportsAid as possible - the inspiration for my athletic aspirations came from my coach, but without the support of SportsAid none of them would have been achievable. I am eternally grateful for everything SportsAid gave me, and will endlessly support their work.

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